Sunday iPad Wallpaper Refresh

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As I’ve mentioned here before, I like changing up my iPad home screen and lock screen wallpaper fairly often. Sometimes I get on a ‘keep it simple’ kick and go for very basic and simple wallpapers (for the home screen in particular), other times I get more adventurous.

Today I felt like partially creating my own for the home screen – I’ve got a big close-up shot of my big Lab on the lock screen and it’s looking good, so no messing with that right now. So I took a really cool photo of the London Eye and a section of building lit up along the Thames and had some fun with it in the new FX Photo Studio for Mac app.

The photo itself is superb – and I honestly can’t remember where I came across it or I would credit it here – so I tried to keep the effects applied pretty simple, so the original image could still shine.

I like this ‘Blue Noir’ effect quite a lot.


I think it works quite nicely on the home screen. It’s interesting and attractive, but also dark and subtle enough that icons still stand out well on the page and are easy to spot.

What’s your iPad home screen looking like on this fine spring Sunday? I’m still keen to share your screens here, as we’ve done once before.

Send us in screenshots of your home screens and I’ll share them again when we’ve got another nice set. You can send them to contact AT, or via Twitter with an @ message to our Twitter account: @iPadInsightBlog.

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