Weekend iPad Wallpapers: A Few More Holiday Themed

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I’ve got a young daughter, so holidays – especially Christmas – are 100 times more fun and I have 100 times more holiday spirit than before she came along. I’m definitely enjoying the heck out of this Christmas season – and I’m happy to see there are lots of great holiday-themed iPad wallpapers. Enough to make this a third, and final, week of featuring a few of them.

I love how simple and bright the one above is, with just the red and green trees.

Here are two more I like a lot:



All of these feel colorful and just plain happy to me. They are all from the always excellent Pimp Your Screen app. It’s on sale for Christmas at 50% off (just 99 cents) and it’s a fantastic app to have around if you like iPad wallpapers.

Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays.

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