Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Apple Logos

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3D Slanty Shiny Apple logo iPad wallpaper

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper picks are an old favorite theme of mine – Apple logos. There are just so many nicely designed iPad wallpapers featuring Apple logos out there, and a handful of them are among those I have kept around the longest and used the most often on my iPads’ home screens.

I really enjoy the 3D slanted Apple logo shown above on a shiny metallic grid.

Here’s another 3D logo, this time on a dark grey, marble-like background.

3D Slanty Apple Logo iPad wallpaper

Here’s a lighter grey background with the now famous Steve in the Apple logo effect:

Steve in Apple logo iPad wallpaper

And one more, with the Apple logo on a simple black texture background:

Apple Logo on Black iPad wallpaper

Of course all of these look great on the iPad home screen.

3D Slanty Apple Logo iPad home screen

3D Slanty Shiny Apple Logo iPad Home Screen

I found all of these images at the lovely iPadwalls.com site. I hope you’ll share some of your favorite iPad wallpapers at our iPad Insight Flickr Group page.

Also hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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