Weekend iPad Wallpapers & Art – Clouds and The Girl in Red

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Clouds iPad home screen wallpaper

I’m very happy to say that this another weekend where I’m featuring an iPad wallpaper that was added to our iPad Insight Flickr group. The image is called Clouds and it’s another one contributed by Brett Jordan – who is still no relation. :)

Brett has been contributing lots of great looking iPad wallpapers to our group page, all of them available in a good range of sizes for use on the iPad, including 20482048 size for the new iPad’s retina display.

I like the Clouds image a lot as an iPad home screen background – as it’s a striking image but still lets the icons stand out well.

Here’s something that I’m even more excited to share this week. It’s another contribution to our Flickr group, but this time it’s a painting done on an iPad with the SketchBook  Pro iPad app. It’s called The Girl in Red and it’s the creation of cameoskal.

The Girl in Red

I’ve been a huge fan of the incredible art that’s created on iPads and iPhones for a long time now – I even run another little site devoted to the subject. So I’m elated to see this sort of content posted to our iPad Insight Flickr group.

If you’ve artwork you’ve done on your iPad or iPhone, I’d love to see it shared to our Flickr group – and I might well end up sharing it at my little art site as well, as I badly need to start updating it again.

Hope you’re all having a great summer weekend.

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