Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Awesome Landscapes

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Landmark retina iPad wallpaper

I haven’t tended to be a big fan of landscapes and similar scenic photos as iPad wallpapers – I generally go for abstracts, patterns or simple backgrounds. This weekend I’m featuring some landscape and scenic images that I think are just awesome – and all of them are from the excellent Backdrops Retina Wallpaper app.

This is the app that features the big collection of stunning and original photography from the InterfaceLIFT.com site.

I’ve picked four gorgeous retina iPad wallpaper images this weekend. The first is Landmark, shown above, by Richard Mohler.

Next is Before the Storm by HATEOM:

Before the Storm retina iPad wallpaper

This one is Emerald Moraine Lake by Dave Elysium:

Emerald Moraine Lake

Finally, here is Sedona Milky Way by CJSCHELZ:

Sedona Milky Way

All of them look fantastic on the iPad home screen, and all will get a good run on my iPad – my current favorite is probably Landmark, closely followed by the Sedona Milky Way.

Landmark iPad home screen

Sedona Milky Way iPad home screen

Please note that the images in this post are not at full retina quality size. You can download those at the InterfaceLIFT site (linked above) or at our iPad Insight Flickr group. I hope some of you will share some of your favorite iPad wallpapers and home screens in our Flickr group – as I’m always on the lookout for great new home screen backgrounds.

Hope you’re all having a great late summer holiday weekend.

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