Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Duotone Leafage & A Couple More

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Dutone Leafage iPad Wallpaper

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper choices start with Duotone Leafage, shown above. I love the name given to this one by Brett Jordan (no relation) of our iPad Insight Flickr group – and of course I love the way it looks as well. I’m generally a sucker for abstract and textured blue backgrounds and this one fits the bill for me.

The next couple picks for this week are ‘homemade’ efforts of mine using the Portray app I mentioned in a post earlier today.

Both of these are based on a couple old favorite 3D Apple logo wallpapers that I’ve always liked. First up is a sepia take on a tall Apple logo:

iPad Wallpaper 3D Apple Logo Sepia

And here’s a warm glow filter on a slanted Apple logo:

iPad Wallpaper 3D Apple Logo Warm Glow

All of these look great on my iPad home screens of course. Here’s the sepia image in place on the iPad mini:

3D Sepia Apple Logo iPad home screen

You can find all these images available for download at various sizes at our iPad Insight Flickr group. I hope some of you will consider sharing some of your favorite iPad wallpapers to the group – and maybe one of these weekends we’ll feature them here.

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