Weekend iPad Wallpapers – from the iPad Insight Flickr Group

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Dark Castle iPad wallpaper

I’m happy to say that all four of this week’s iPad wallpapers picks are images posted to our iPad Insight Flickr Group.

The first, shown above on my iPad home screen, is Dark Castle – posted by Brett Jordan. I generally don’t like this type of background image too much – but this one is dark enough to blend nicely into the background and let app icons stand out, while still being quite interesting to look at.

Next up is another from Brett Jordan – this one is called Blue Blur. I’m a sucker for abstract blue backgrounds.

Blue Blur iPad wallpaper

Sticking with the blue theme for a moment, here’s Towel – posted by afeman. I don’t love the texture on this one, but I like the shade of blue.

Towel iPad wallpaper

And here’s one more from afeman – called Graffiti. This one is much busier than I generally like, but I find the image striking.

Graffiti iPad wallpaper

You can download all of these iPad wallpapers at various iPad appropriate sizes (including 2048X2048 for the retina display on the iPad 3) via our iPad Insight Flickr Group pages.

I hope some of you will share some of your favorite iPad wallpapers to the group when you have a chance. I love seeing the variety of striking images we’ve got up there now.

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