Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Gelaskins Part 1

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I’ve written here before about how much I like Gelaskins and how they are my favorite companion for the iPad 2 Smart Cover. They’re wonderfully ultra-thin and they feature unique and stunning designs and art.

And now … I’ve recently discovered that there is an excellent (and free) Gelaskins wallpapers app for the iPad – called Wallpapers by Gelaskins. It’s actually a universal app, designed for both iPad and iPhone – and it’s packed full of hundreds of excellent iPad wallpapers.

There are too many that I like to cover in one post, so I’ll do this in several parts. Today I’ll start with a couple of familiar friends and a couple striking images that caught my eye. First off, there’s my pal Dr. Gonzo by Ralph Steadman – my first and current Gelaskin in use on my iPad 2. He looks pretty cool on the home screen (shown above) too.

Here’s Cable Cranes, another that I have had as a skin on my iPad 2:


Blue Willow, which feels ever so peaceful to me:


And finally Bear Story. This one is a little odd but also very compelling. I found myself being drawn back to it each time I browsed through the app.


Here’s an App Store link for Wallpapers by Gelaskins – it’s full of lovely iPad wallpapers and well worth a look.

I’m always keen to see what iPad wallpapers everyone else likes. Please share some of your favorites with us at the iPad Insight Flickr group.

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