Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Homemade Fluid Abstracts

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Cyan and Black Fluid iPad wallpaper

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper choices are a few handmade, rolled my own style abstract backgrounds.

I used the fun iFluids HD app to create these. The app mixes fluid simulation and artwork and lets you play around and create all sorts of funky images with just a few (or many) touches and taps on your iPad screen. I’ve only spent short blocks of time with it so far, but I’ve already made several images that I like enough to use on my iPads’ home screens.

I think my favorite so far is the Cyan and Black image shown above. Hit the break for a few more that are livening up my iPad home screens …

Here’s a Blue and Gold fluid iPad wallpaper:


A Cyan and Green abstract that I let get a little crazier:

Cyan and Green Fluid iPad wallpaper

And finally a Black and White fluid:

Black and White Fluid iPad Wallpaper

All of these look great on my iPad 3 and iPad mini home screens – here’s a couple examples on the iPad 3:

Cyan and Black iPad home screen

Black and White Fluid iPad home screen

If you like any or all of these, you can find them in a number of iPad-friendly sizes at our iPad Insight Flickr group page.

The group is continuing to get a steady flow of great iPad wallpapers and iPad artwork. Please feel free to share some of your favorite iPad wallpapers there – and maybe we’ll feature them here sometime soon.

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