Weekend iPad Wallpapers: iPad 3 Internals

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iPad 3 Internals iPad wallpaper

This weekend’s featured iPad wallpaper is all about the inside of the new iPad, or iPad 3. It’s called iPad 3 Internals and it’s from the lovely folks at iFixit.org – who provide the best repair manuals for all our favorite gadgets and appliances.

iFixit are usually the first to get hold of shiny new iPads and other mobile devices and subject them to a comprehensive teardown revealing all their parts and workings. This wallpaper is a look at the innards of the new 2012 iPad.

I thought it might be a bit much for the iPad home screen when I first saw it, but I’ve found it looks quite good, and striking, when used there.

iPad 3 Internals lock screen

Please note that the image at the top of this post is not the full-size version of this wallpaper. You can grab the full-size version on our iPad Insight Flickr group page. I hope you’ll think about sharing some of your favorite iPad wallpapers there – who knows, maybe one of yours will be featured here one weekend if you do.

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