Weekend iPad Wallpapers: iPad Nametag

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iPad Nametag Lock Screen

This weekend the iPad wallpaper that caught my eye is this striking iPad nametag design by MacRumors Forum member orpheus1120.

It’s based on an iCloud beta background and I think it looks superb on the iPad’s home and lock screens. orpheus1120 has also been cranking out custom versions of this wallpaper with other forum members’ names for months now.

iPad Nametag home screen

Here’s a couple names that are familiar to me:

iPad Steve Nametag wallpaper

Patrick iPad iCloud Retina Nametag

This is one of the most fun iPad wallpapers I’ve seen, and it’ especially great to see all the custom versions that have been made for MacRumors forum members.

To grab the original versions of this wallpaper, or search for a wall with your name, check out this MacRumors Forums thread.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend iPad Wallpapers: iPad Nametag”

  1. Very nice … I’d love one with ‘Oliver’ … Butt I am not that we’ll versed in how to go about it …

    1. You need to make a request for it in the MacRumors thread linked above. First do a search in the thread to make sure there’s not already one done for that name.

  2. Wow they have dog tags for ipads now. Your right these are verry trendy but i would also like to see companies such as call of duty adventure into this market. Do you think tags staring your favourite game or movie characters would be a good thing or should they keep to the sleak apple design. On my ipad decal blog for example designers work with the apple design so it will be interesting to see where this niche market ends up.

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