Weekend iPad Wallpapers – Memorial Day and Football (not that kind)

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Memorial Day iPad Wallpaper

I’ve got just a couple of iPad wallpaper picks for this holiday weekend – both from my old favorite Pimp Your Screen app.

The first is a simple Memorial Day wallpaper for the iPad, shown above. I think it looks better on the lock screen than the home screen and I like how laid back it is.

My second pick is one for football (or soccer if you must) fans. It’s a great image of a ball hitting the back of the net, and it looks good on the iPad home screen too.

Goal iPad Wallpaper

Goal iPad home screen

I think this is quite a good one to have around with the European Championship coming up soon – and hopefully there will be some done specifically for the tournament as well.

Hope all of you in the US are having a good long weekend.

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