Weekend iPad Wallpapers: More Retina Goodness

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Discovery Launch

This weekend I’ve got a few more lovely retina iPad wallpapers to share.

First up is the Lift Off dramatic shot of a Space Shuttle launch, shared on Twitter by the very cool folks at @RetinaiPadWalls.

My next two picks are very different, simple background images that I find very attractive. Hit the break for a look at those two and how all three of these look on the iPad home screen …

Both of these simple images come from Brett Jordan, shared to our iPad Insight Flickr group. They’re titled Aqua Dots and Dappled Olive:

Aqua Dots

Dappled Olive

I think all three of these look great on the iPad home screen:

Space Shuttle Launch iPad home screen

Aqua Dots iPad home screen

Dappled Olive iPad home screen

Please note that the images in this post are not at full resolution – they’re sized down a bit to help with page load speeds. You can find the full-size versions of Aqua Dots and Dappled Olive at our iPad Insight Flickr group page and a link to the full-size Lift Off image via this tweet. If you’ve got favorite iPad wallpapers you’d like to share, please add them to the group.

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