Weekend iPad Wallpapers – Purple Fish

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I didn’t spot too many iPad wallpapers that caught my attention this weekend. There are lots of Halloween themed wallpapers around of course – I mentioned a few of those I like a couple weeks back and I’ll likely look at more next weekend.

This weekend though the wallpaper that grabbed me is the Purple Fish shown above – spotted in the excellent Pimp Your Screen app.

Here’s a look at it on its own rather than in place on my home screen:


I also had two fun, lighthearted walls from the great Poolga.com site that I wanted to mention, but sadly their site is down this weekend. I’ll try to feature them at some point when the site is back up – I may just share them on this site’s Facebook page.

I’m always on the lookout for more great iPad wallpapers – so if you have a favorite or a favorite app or source for iPad walls, please share in the comments.

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