Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Retina Geometric Designs by Simon C Page

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CUBEN Space 7a

This weekend my attention has been drawn to a great set of retina quality, geometric design wallpapers for the new iPad, created by graphic designer and illustrator Simon C Page. The one shown above is CUBEN Space 7. I like the darkness of the color blend on this one, as well as the blur effect and the overall feel of it.

I like several of the images in his series of these for the new iPad. Page explains on his download page for these that they didn’t take long for him to create and also mentions what inspired him to do these:

Apple’s new iPad 3, with it’s retina display, is so good it’s just crying out for some decent HD wallpaper.

Here’s a couple more from this series that caught my eye – CUBEN Space 2 and 5:

CUBEN Space 2a

CUBEN Space 5a

These all look great on the new iPad home screen too …

Cuben Space 7 home screen

Check out Page’s download page for these to grab the full 2048X2048 images for use as wallpapers on your new iPad: http://simoncpage.co.uk/blog/2012/03/ipad-hd-retina-wallpaper/

I spotted these via a mention at shawnblanc.net.

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