Weekend iPad Wallpapers – Retina Wallpapers for the New 2012 iPad

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Water Droplet

The amazing new retina display is the signature feature of the new 2012 iPad. I’ve had the new iPad for two days now and I’m still marveling at how great this new display is. And of course such a gorgeous new display can’t be left with just the default set of wallpapers. That just would not be right.

So I’ve been scouting around a bit for iPad wallpapers made for the beautiful new display, and sized for it at 2048X2048. Luckily, there are already a lot of excellent retina-ready wallpapers around. The first great resource I found was the Retina iPad Wallpapers thread at MacRumors forums. The Water Droplet wallpaper shown above was shared by MacRumors forum member Troop231, and was one of the first striking images that caught my eye.

Hit the break for quite a few more stunningly good wallpapers for the new iPad …

In no particular order here are some more great retina-ready iPad walls from either the thread mentioned above or a spin-off thread with only simple backgrounds for the new iPad:

Space Dust Blue Grey, shared by Lukeyy19:


Grey Linen Dark, also from Lukeyy19:

Grey Linen

Black Grid, again from Lukeyy19:

Black Grid 1

Mountain Lion Galaxy, shared by Agent-P:

Mountain Lion Galaxy

This one I’m calling Repeating Apple Logo, and it’s from the Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina Free app:

Repeating Logo

All of these look awesome on the new iPad. Here’s just a few examples on my home screen:

Grey Linen home screen 

Repeating Logo home screen

Space Dust Blue Grey home screen

Water Droplet home screen

I’ve uploaded all the images shown here, and a few more I liked, at the full 2048X2048 to the iPad Insight Flickr group page.

Hope all of you who’ve got the new iPad will enjoy these. And as always, I’d love to see some of your favorite wallpapers for the new iPad – please share them at our Flickr group page.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend iPad Wallpapers – Retina Wallpapers for the New 2012 iPad”

    1. Damn. Flickr is a huge PITA – I uploaded all of those at 2048X2048, and they show up at half that size. Looking round for better place to share them at proper retina size. For now, I’d suggest getting them from the two forum threads mentioned.

  1. OK, figured out why the images were being resized on upload. I didn’t have a Pro account on Flickr. Mind you, there was nothing at all that gave me the slightest clue to that when I was uploading, only found it when looking through Help FAQs. So I just gave Yahoo / Flickr $25 for the Pro account.

    Now when you right-click on any of the images you’ll see an option to view them in ‘Original’ size – that’s the 2048X2048 versions.

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