Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Saturn

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Saturn Chilly Blue iPad wallpaper

This weekend’s choices for weekend iPad wallpapers come from the Cassini HD iPad app, which serves up a  collection of images of the planet Saturn from NASA’s Cassini orbiter. Here’s a little bit of the app’s App Store intro:

Come on a voyage of discovery to the ringed planet of Saturn with Cassini HD for iPad. Navigate a collection of more than 840 spectacular images returned to Earth by NASA’s Cassini orbiter while learning about this alien environment in our celestial backyard. The Cassini HD photo collection was selected from thousands of images available courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

The image above is one I toasted a bit in the lovely PhotoToaster app – using the Chilly effect to add a bit of blue to it.

Here’s the original image taken straight from the app:

Saturn iPad wallpaper

I think both of these look great on the iPad home screen, though I prefer the toasted blue image.

Saturn Blue iPad home screen

Saturn iPad home screen

Please Note: These images are not as high resolution as usual for our iPad wallpaper selections, as they’ve been saved straight out of the Cassini HD app. If anybody would like to make higher quality and / or retina versions of these and post them to our iPad Insight Flickr group that would, of course, be much appreciated.

I’d love to see some of your favorite iPad wallpapers – please share yours at our Flickr group and maybe one of these weekends they’ll be featured here.

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