Weekend iPad Wallpapers – Sunrise at Java and Subtle Papers

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Bromo Volcano iPad Wallpaper

I’m happy to say that this weekend’s first featured iPad wallpaper is one sent in by a reader. It’s a photo of the sunrise in Java, near the Bromo Volcano. It’s in 2048X2048 resolution for the retina display on the new iPad, and was kindly sent in by Marco Duizer. Big thanks to Marco for sending it in.

I’ve posted it to our iPad Insight Flickr group at full retina size – so you can download it from there (it can also be downloaded there are 1024X1024 and smaller).

This image looks lovely on the new iPad’s home screen too:

Bromo Volcano iPad Home Screen

If you’re looking for more subtle background wallpapers for your iPad, then I’ve got a great resource to share with you. I really enjoy subtle or abstract images more than anything else as iPad walls.

Chris Herbert, an tech writer for MacStories, Apple evangelist, and ‘vector and pixel trafficker’ has created collections of Subtle Papers – including the superb ‘Subtle Papers II for the Retina iPad’. The collection has nearly 200 of his subtle patterns sized at 2048X2048 for the retina display. It’s full of lovely, subtle patterns – here are three of my favorites on my new iPad home screen:

Carbon Fiber Big:

Carbob Fiber retina wallpaper

Brushed Aluminum:

Brushed Aluminum retina iPad wallpaper

And Concrete Wall:

Concrete Wall retina wallpaper

You can learn more about the origin of this collection, and download the whole collection as a .zip file at Herbert’s page for it here: http://hrbrt.me/subtle-papers-ii-for-the-retina-ipad

I spotted these via a post at Shawn Blanc’s site.

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