Weekend iPad Wallpapers – the Latest from Pimp Your Screen

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The weekend is a good time to give your iPad home screen a look and decide whether you feel like refreshing it a bit with a new wallpaper – or at least that’s how I roll when it comes to home screens and keeping them interesting.

The excellent Pimp Your Screen app is my number one source for freshening things up, as it always has a great range of new walls in its Recent section. Today I gave the section a quick browse and found a handful of walls that caught my eye, one I’ve now got on my home screen, and a couple I’ve left in the Camera Roll for future use. The most striking one I grabbed today is the smoky, spooky icon skin shown above. This is not generally my style of wallpaper, but it just grabbed me as soon as I saw it.

This one is more something I’ll use for a while on my iPad:


I also found a great blue/dark abstract pattern image I like.

The only bummer when using one of the icon skin designs is that they work perfectly only in one mode, whichever mode you have your iPad at the time you save the image from Pimp Your Screen. So the one shown above, for instance, will frame the icons near perfectly when my iPad 2 is in landscape mode, but will be quite a ways off when in portrait mode. Not a big, big deal – but something worth noting.

What’s on your iPad home screen this weekend? When is the last time you swapped your wallpaper?

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3 thoughts on “Weekend iPad Wallpapers – the Latest from Pimp Your Screen”

  1. The first one that is spooky and mysterious looking. Will work perfect for preventing the kids from using my iPad in the future. Nice.

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