Weekend iPad Wallpapers – Valentine’s Day Themed

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Love iPad Wallpaper


It’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day, so it’s hardly shocking that there are quite a lot of Valentine’s Day themed iPad wallpapers around. As is so often the case, the most striking ones I’ve seen this week are from the always-excellent Pimp Your Screen app. I think the app shelf shown above is very nicely done.

Honestly, I can’t say that I’ll be trading my long-time favorite iPad walls for any of the Valentines themed wallpapers this weekend / week – but I’ll show them to my daughter and see if she may want to use them on her iPad or maybe just to help decorate a card or similar.

Here’s one more romance themed iPad wallpaper for the week, again from Pimp Your Screen:


Have any of you gone all mushy and romantic on your iPad home screens this week? Or have any plans to? As always, I’d love to see your latest favorite wallpapers and iPad home screens. If you have a moment, share them at our iPad Insight Flickr page.

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