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Weekends are for freshening up the home. Or at least the iPad home screen in my case. As in, I like having a little look around each weekend to find some new walls for my iPad 2.

This weekend I’ve swapped from one 3D Apple logo wallpaper to another – the current one is shown above. I like the metallic feel, the 3D logo, and the fact that app icons still stand out really nicely with this one.

Sadly I cannot recall exactly where I got this one – I think it was at the ipadwalls site, but I couldn’t find it there this morning when I checked. If any of you are really keen to have it let me know in the comments and I’ll send it to you or share it via a link.

Here’s one more that caught my eye this weekend, in amongst the recent entries in the excellent Pimp Your Screen app:


This one is way too busy for my taste, but I found it very striking and fun looking.

If you’re a big fan of iPad wallpapers let us know about your best sources (apps, sites etc) for good walls in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend iPad Wallpapers”

  1. Funny you say that…as soon as I saw the post I said that a great wallpaper.

    Please share the link.

  2. Just wondering how come this blog post of yours appeared on Flipboard app? I’d like mine to appear or be featured on the app too :) mind sharing the ways?

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