Weekend Retina iPad Wallpapers – Football and Steve in Apple Logo

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This week’s weekend iPad wallpaper picks are two more retina walls for the new iPad, covering two very different themes.

First up is Football by Harriet Seed – the lovely image of footballers in action shown above. I’m a huge football fan and I’m enjoying the EURO 2012 tournament, which has been full of great matches this year – so this one is perfect for this weekend. I found it via the excellent Poolga.com site.

Football iPad wallpaper

It looks fun on the iPad home screen – though also a little distracting.

Here’s the iPad wallpaper that has become my big favorite of late. A very nice gentle grey version of the clever ‘Steve in the Apple logo’ theme. I honestly can’t remember where I came across this one – if anyone knows its origin please let me know and I’ll happily update this post to credit it properly.

Steve in Apple Grey iPad wallpaper

Steve in Apple logo iPad home screen

Please note the images in this post are not at retina quality for the new iPad. You can find the full retina versions of both at our iPad Insight Flickr group page.

I hope some of you will share some of your favorite iPad wallpapers, home screens, and images in our group. And hope you’re all having a great summer weekend.

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