3 Years Ago Today – the Original iPad Launch

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My New iPad

Three years ago today, right around this time of the morning (9:10AM) I was paying for my first iPad on launch day for the original iPad.

I had launched iPad Insight just a couple days after Steve Jobs announced the iPad in January of 2010 – and I was about as eager as anyone to see it launched by the time April 3rd rolled around. I was outside my local Apple store at around 6:30AM and was very happy to be the 7th person in the reserved line (this was a launch where Apple let you pre-order and reserve to collect it at your local Apple store).

My iPad launch day experience was superb at the Apple store at Barton Creek Mall here in Austin – and my high expectations for the iPad were met and exceeded on that very first day of owning one.

How many of you bought the original iPad on launch day? What was your experience like that day?

Patrick Jordan

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One thought on “3 Years Ago Today – the Original iPad Launch”

  1. Thanks for the reminder! Can’t believe my iPad is 3 years old! (Well, it’s my son’s iPad now) Time flies.

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