9to5Mac is Winning the Apple Rumor Cycle By a Mile

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9to5Mac has been a trusted source for Apple news for a long time. However, I didn’t really consider them to be quite on the level with Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo when it came to new device and iOS rumors. Gui Rambo has made quite an impact over the last couple of years revealing lots of information hidden inside of Apple’s various OS betas, but those details don’t start coming until after WWDC, when those of us with Apple Dev Accounts get our hands on the goodies.

That has changed pretty dramatically this year, as 9to5 has become the primary source for information on Apple’s coming iOS 14. While Ming-Chi Kuo and Digitimes still excel with news of the supply chain, 9to5’s reporting has been different. Whether they have actual iOS 14 alpha code or they have been getting information from someone inside Apple who does, it is pretty clear this isn’t just conjecture on their part. Unless someone is playing an elaborate hoax on them, 9to5 is delivering the goods right now.

Watch out

Yesterday, I wrote about a couple of 9to5’s leaks regarding Apple Watch features. Today they are back with much more on the Apple Watch and beyond. As for the Watch, 9to5 says that Apple will be including some new Watch Faces, including an Infograph Pro face with a Tachymeter, the ability to share Watch Face configurations with others, a “child mode” for the Watch that allows it to be paired with a parent’s iPhone, a Schooltime mode to limit the Watch during school hours, and the current most requested feature- Sleep Mode.

Yeah, that’s the same Sleep Mode I predicted wouldn’t be coming this year just yesterday. Oops. It happens. I am curious what Apple will do to keep battery life where it needs to be though, because I know mine definitely took a hit with the addition of the always-on display.

To catch a mouse

There have been plenty of rumors about enhanced mouse support coming to the iPad this year in iPadOS 14. We have also heard that Apple will be including a trackpad on the new Smart Keyboard (which I did call correctly back in January). In a separate article today, 9to5Mac confirmed that both of these elements are part of iOS 14.

This is a big deal and goes a long way toward confirmation, in my opinion. 9to5 is a reputable site and wouldn’t be running these stories as fact without a high degree of certainty that the information is true. To me, this is solid evidence that we really are going to get true mouse support in iPadOS 14 and a good trackpad built into the next Smart Keyboard. All of this is excellent news to me, even if we will have to wait a bit for it. For now, it’s nice to know that Brydge Pro keyboard with trackpad that I pre-ordered won’t be going to waste.

Apple on your head

9to5Mac had yet another article today showing off a bit of confirmation on another Apple rumor that’s been making the rounds this year. We’ve heard about a new pair of Apple-branded over the ear headphones off and on for several months now, but it looks like 9to5 delivered the most substantial proof we’ve seen that they are real and coming soon.

Photo Source: 9to5Mac

This image supposedly comes from the iOS 14 code. Over the last two years, leaks of code and images from within iOS betas have proven to be a very accurate and reliable source of info of coming devices and features. Here we can clearly see a set of over the ear headphones that have a similar form factor to current Beats products. This image also means we should be able to expect these new phones in black, as well as the obligatory white.

I’m not sure what the crew over at 9to5Mac is doing to get all of this inside information on coming Apple products, but it certainly seems to be working. My hat’s off to them. Keep it coming!




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