Apple’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas: iPad and Springsteen

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iPad for Fathers Day

I got this lovely Father’s Day themed promo email from Apple this morning – touting the iPad as ‘The gift Dad won’t take his eyes off of’ – and featuring Bruce Springsteen’s new album, Wrecking Ball, as well.

My dad’s no longer around, and if he was I’m certain I’d have got him into the iPad before now. As for me, well of course I’m set in terms of iPads and I’ve already got a number of the songs from Wrecking Ball in Spotify playlists – so my family might have to get their thinking caps on. :)

Are any of you planning on gifting an iPad to a lucky father this year?

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2 thoughts on “Apple’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas: iPad and Springsteen”

  1. Interesting!
    Any idea what kind of speaker is shown (partially) on the image? Looks very nice…


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