Apple’s Mother’s Day Gift Suggestion: the iPad

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iPad for Mothers Day

I just got this promo email from Apple this afternoon. It suggests that an iPad would make for a marvelous Mother’s Day gift.

The new iPad, with its stunning Retina display and 5-megapixel iSight camera, will let Mom see — and do — everything like never before.

A fine suggestion if you have the sort of budget that allows for this level of gift and a mom who’s in need of a great tablet device. Oh, and depending on how young/old and how tech-savvy/tech-novice your mom is you might want to budget for some time explaining what a retina display is, and what 5 megapixels means, and all the other questions you may be fielding.

Are any of you planning on the iPad as a Mother’s Day gift?

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2 thoughts on “Apple’s Mother’s Day Gift Suggestion: the iPad”

  1. I’m not sure about buying this for my mom, but this is what my brother is getting for his wife for Mother’s Day. My kids love the iPad and have created some amazing content that we love to watch. Sometimes it’s silly videos of themselves, sometimes it’s books made through Toontastic, and sometimes it’s a really well put together trailer through iMovie. It’s a great way to create, store, and view the memories of our kids. I didn’t get an iPad until my wife was onboard with it. I see this as just another thing the iPad can do that my wife loves. (She also uses it for writing and recording music.)

    1. That’s awesome that your kids are getting so much out of it. Great gift for your sister-in-law too. :)

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