Apple’s New Hardware is Rumored to be Heading into Full Production

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Everyone thinks Apple is getting ready to release two new iPads, new AirPods and possibly a new iPod Touch and their long-delayed AirPower charging pad. Now we have a report backing that up. According to Digitimes, Apple suppliers are gearing up for mass production as we speak.

They aren’t always right, but if there is one thing Digitimes is known for, it is their connections into tech supply chains. We can see a bit of that here:

Flexible PCB firms Flexium Interconnect and Zhen Ding Technology are gearing up for mass production for Apple’s next-generation iPad devices, while Compeq Manufacturing and Unitech PCB supply rigid-flex boards for the forthcoming AirPods, according to industry sources.

This is solid info, but I am a little less sure of the next tidbit:

Apple is expected to introduce its new-generation iPad and AirPods series at an event on March 25, the sources said.

Hmmm. There is still a lot of skepticism over whether the hardware will make the stage on March 25th. Digitimes doesn’t go into any details on who this source is, but those kinds of rumors also aren’t in their wheelhouse, so I am going to take it with a grain of salt.

But like I said before, Digitimes does know the supply chain, so when they say Apple is gearing up to mass produce hardware, I believe it. This is another good sign that we are only a couple of weeks away from new hardware showing up in stores.


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