Crazy iPad Numbers: 42 Million iPads Sold in Last 6 Months

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Apple held their Q2 2013 results conference call yesterday afternoon. I listened in to most of it live and as always there were lots of impressive numbers thrown around for all of Apple’s core products.

Here are some of the big, crazy iPad numbers and comments that stood out for me:

— 19.5 million iPads sold last quarter (ending end of March)

— A 65% increase over the same quarter last year!

— Tim Cook noted that sales of iPad mini grew substantially in the March quarter as supply caught up with demand.

— Gartner estimates tablet market growth to projected 375 million units sold in 2016 (tablets – not just iPads)

— 96% satisfaction rate among iPad customers

— Over 350,000 apps designed specifically for iPad. According to Appshopper, this number is actually much closer to 400,000 as of today (394,127 as I write this).

— Here’s the biggest one: a little over 42 million iPads sold in the first half of this fiscal year for Apple. 42 million in half a year! I haven’t gone away and looked at the numbers at all – but I bet that’s not far from being more than all other tablet sales total, ever, for all iPad competitors combined.

Wall Street doesn’t have a lot of love for Apple lately, but it’s hard to argue with the iPad’s success and future prospects right about now.

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