‘Disappointing’ iPad Sales Make Apple Number 1 in Worldwide PC Sales

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Tablet and PC Sales

Here’s another way to look at the ‘disappointing’ 16 million iPads sold in the first quarter of 2014. In the latest Canalys report on the PC market in Q1 of this year, Apple comes out as the Number 1 vendor again – and the iPad is by far and away the biggest factor in earning that position.

Apple’s total number of PC + tablet sales for the quarter was 20.4 million – with the iPad’s 16.4 million accounting for a whopping 80% of the total.

Oh, and the second place PC maker is Lenovo. Lenovo’s total number of PCs and tablets sold (15 million) doesn’t match the iPad sales number.

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One thought on “‘Disappointing’ iPad Sales Make Apple Number 1 in Worldwide PC Sales”

  1. But total PC sales dwarf Apple: Apple is a closed shop to other vendors.

    Apple makes great phones, but their operating system lags. Touch screen PC laptops are just being adopted now, such as the powerful 17″ HP Envy I just purchased. Windows 8 will be appreciated once more touch screened desktops and laptops are adopted.

    There has been no reason to upgrade performance of pc’s… Screen resolutions have more or less been maximized, and performance of pretty much any PC produced in the last 5 years is sufficient for about everyone’s needs.

    Apple does not have a touch based OS, and it will hurt them longer term.

    In terms of growth, Apple phone form factor will be maxed out later this year, and Apples glacial pace of iPhone upgrades will be over, and Apple will be a mature tech company. Nothing in the pipeline will replace the iPhone refresh game Apple has played since the inception of the iPhone.

    If you own Apple stock: sell into the impressive, if not amazing, phone sales at year end. I have waited for a reasonable Apple phone upgrade since buying my 4s: the 5.5 inch model, maxed out, is on my list. I refused to play the annual phone refresh game: leave that for foolish 20somethibg fan boys and girls of Apple products.

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