Gartner 2013 Tablets Report: iPad Leads in Tablet Sales, Not Market Share

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Tablet Market 2013

The latest report from Gartner on the worldwide tablets market in 2013 shows the iPad is still the Number 1 selling tablet by quite a big margin, though Android is now the leader in market share.

As you can see in the chart above, iPad sales in 2013 outnumber the total sales for the next 4 contenders combined.

Android, as many expected, has grabbed the lead in market share, with around 62% – while ‘iOS’ is listed at 36%. It’s notable that a huge portion of the Android market share appears to be very low-end, no name (or White Box) tablets – a market that Apple wants no share of.

A couple other things to note with these figures:

— Samsung is listed as having gained the most in the tablet sales chart – which is especially interesting since Samsung doesn’t ever announce actual sales numbers. Also, according to Apple Insider, Gartner’s iPad sales numbers for iPad are around 3.5 million short of Apple’s officially reported figures.

— Microsoft’s heavily promoted Surface line doesn’t even merit a line item in the sales chart. Worse still, the market share for Windows-based tablets is at just over 2% – compared to around 98% for Android and iOS combined.

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