‘Got iPad’ Tops the Christmas Twitter Charts

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Got iPad

Twitter provided some very good omens on iPad sales over the Christmas holiday. As Apple 2.0 reports, the phrase ‘got iPad’ is top of the tablet charts by a huge margin for the Christmas period.

I used the same Topsy Analytics service that Apple 2.0 did and entered various tablet names including Google’s Nexus 7 as well. Here’s the results for the search I did using got iPad / kindle / surface for December 1 – December 31:

iPad: 118,886

Kindle: 16,318

Surface: 3,806

If my calculator app is right, that puts the tweets for the Surface at about 0.03% of those for the iPad. You could almost says it takes some ‘real work’ to see a percentage that small.

Also, I couldn’t resist sharing this tweet from the Surface timeline for these search results:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.01.58 AM

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