Happy 4th Birthday to the iPad

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Steve and the iPad

Four years ago today, April 3 2010, was launch day for the original iPad. Some said it was ‘just a giant iPod’ while Steve Jobs hailed it as a ‘magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price’.

In these last four years the iPad has effectively created the tablet market, which has since seen tablets even outselling traditional PCs.

On April 3, 2010 around this time of the morning I was Number 7 in the ‘Reserved’ line outside my local Apple store. I had a great experience that morning and came home early in the day with a shiny new iPad that was very soon to become my most used device.

There were a lot of great words written about the iPad back around that launch time. This was one of my favorite quotes then, from Steven Levy at Wired Magazine – cited by CBS News. It’s still a favorite because it’s still true and still one of the most magical things about the iPad:

Levy says the brilliance of the iPad is that it makes the computer disappear.

“You don’t think ‘computer’ when you use it,” he said. “You just do the task you want to do.”

Want to read a book? The iPad becomes a book. Want to read a newspaper? The iPad becomes a newspaper.

And it’s been making the computer disappear, in more ways than one, ever since.

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