How Much Do You Watch Major Sporting Events and TV in General on the iPad?

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The Masters iPad app

MG Siegler wrote a short post at his ParisLemon blog on Sunday, titled The Future of Watching Major Sporting Events. He defines that future in one word: iPad. He wrote it on the final day of The Masters and was obviously enjoying the The Masters official iPad app.

I’m sitting here on my couch watching the Masters live — not on my television, but on my iPad. And I can switch to other video feeds depending on which players/holes I want to watch. 6 different feeds are live right now.

I can watch highlights right after they happen. I can check scores. I can read bios. I can see photos. I can get an overview of the course. I can read about the history of the Masters. Etc. Etc. Etc.

I definitely agree that there are some excellent iPad (and iOS) apps now for some of the major sports and sporting events. The Masters app is a good example. So are MLB At Bat, NCAA March Madness Live, and NBA Game Time Courtside. There’s also a very good one for Wimbledon.

I wouldn’t say I prefer watching major sports events on the iPad over a big TV screen – but I do enjoy using these titles as companion apps while watching or for when I’m not around a big TV. I watched a lot of The Masters on Saturday and Sunday – while playing a baseball management game on my iPad.

Do you watch a lot of sporting events on your iPad? How much TV of any kind do you watch on the iPad?

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4 thoughts on “How Much Do You Watch Major Sporting Events and TV in General on the iPad?”

  1. I’ve yet to watch a sporting event on the iPad but I wouldn’t rule it out. I use the HBO Go app a lot to watch TV and movies on my iPad. It’s not my first choice when it comes to watching TV and movies, but it’s great in a pinch, especially when other family members are using the main TV.

  2. I am constantly watching sports on my iPad. MLB At Bat is the single greatest thing to happen to baseball fans since peanuts and cracker jack! I also watch hockey on NBC Sports using the DirecTV app while the wife is watching one of her shows on the regular TV. Oh, and I forgot about Fox Soccer 2 Go and my Slingbox! I never really thought about it but I guess I do watch sports more on the iPad than I do on the TV. It’s really handy for when I’m doing something in the kitchen or something that takes me away from the living room.

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