IDC Report Says iPad Market Share Way Down, but Still Leading

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2013 Q2 Tablet Market Share

The latest report on tablet market share, released by IDC this week, has Apple still the leading single vendor – but with a much reduced lead. It lists the Apple / iPad market share at 32.4% for Q2 of 2013, down by almost half from the 60.3% in Q2 of 2012.

The report shows Samsung’s tablet market share nearly tripling from the last year quarter – going from 7.6% to 18%. Asus, Lenovo, and Acer fill out the 3,4,5 slots in the report – but each of them have well below 5% share.

As always, a few things to note and a few thoughts on these numbers:

— IDC’s numbers are based on shipments of tablets, not sales – but the iPad number is the official Apple figure for iPads sold in the quarter, while Samsung and others do not even announce their sales numbers.

— Notably absent and relegated to the ‘Others’ section are Amazon and Microsoft. That seems like a big loss of momentum for the Kindle Fire line, while the Surface line has never shown any impact since it launched.

— If the Samsung figures are anything like accurate it doesn’t seem like a huge shock, as they’ve now got quite a good lineup of tablets in the 7,8, and 10 inch range.

— The same goes for the dropoff in Apple share, with no new iPad release thus far this year.

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