If the iPad Was a Company …

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iPad as a company

As I mentioned yesterday, iPad sales numbers for the latest quarter were down a bit, and this has been seen to be a very disappoint result for Apple – even though iPad is still the clear tablet market leader.

Hard times for the iPad would be great times for others – the 13 million iPads sold last quarter likely dwarf the number of tablets that any of its rivals will sell during all of this year.

Here’s another way of putting the iPad’s ‘disappointing’ result into context – Slate has a great post up on the theme of ‘If Apple products were companies’. The chart above highlights some striking numbers if the iPad was a company:

Sales of iPads might be declining slightly, but at almost $5.9 billion they’re still a massive business in their own right, generating more revenue than Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Groupon, and Tesla combined.

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