2020 11” iPad Pro

If You Are Looking To Sell Your iPad Before New Ones Arrive, Take a Look at Swappa

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2020 11” iPad Pro

Before I get started, I just want to make it clear that I do not have any advertising relationship with Swappa and that I am not benefiting from this article in any way. Rather, this is just a recommendation based on my use of this service for the last five years. With that out of the way, let’s talk about selling iPads.

I was growing tired of the fees associated with using the combo of eBay and PayPal and the risks of doing business on Craigslist back in 2016 and started looking around for a better place to buy and sell electronics. That’s when I came across a post recommending a site I had never heard of called Swappa.

Swappa was different. It felt very much like a community of enthusiasts buying from and selling to each other at the time. That was one of the most attractive aspects when I first used it.

While Swappa has grown well beyond that now, it is still based very much around the good reputation you build there and the assurances that devices bought and sold there are in good working order, and that both buyers and sellers are protected. I don’t sell as many devices as I used to, but those built-in safeguards are the reason I go to Swappa whenever I do.

The assurances are all pretty straightforward. First off, you have to include pictures of your device powered on and showing multiple angles, especially any blemishes, with any sale posting. You also have to include one picture with all items displayed and a piece of paper with the sale number handwritten on it. It’s a smart way to help weed out fakes and frauds.

All sales use PayPal, which comes with built-in buyer and seller protections. Then you also have the feedback of other users, which is valuable when it can only be left by legitimate buyers. All together, these protections ensure that transactions on Swappa are legitimate.

I posted my 2018 iPad Pro on Swappa a week ago and it sold this last Saturday. I felt like I got a fair price for it, especially considering that there is a small streak in the coating on the screen. It’s virtually invisible with the device on, but it’s still there. I made sure to include it in the pictures and description so the buyer would know exactly what they were getting. With a case and Smart Keyboard included, it still fetched just over $600. That will certainly help when it comes time to buy the new iPad Pro.

While there are certainly plenty of options to unload a used iPad Pro in preparation to purchase a new one, I heartily recommend Swappa for anyone who isn’t sure which way they want to go. It’s safer than most of the alternatives while still offering a fair return for your device. If you are preparing to purchase a 2021 miniLED iPad Pro in a month or so and will be selling a device you own ahead of time, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Again, I’m not getting anything out of this and have no business relationship with Swappa. I recommend their service solely because of my personal opinion of it.



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