If You’re Going to Trash-talk About Numbers, Shouldn’t You Be Able to Count?

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Just in case you haven’t already seen the latest bit of really poor iPad trash talking, I’ll share it here. A gent called Andy Lark, who is Dell’s global head of marketing for large enterprise and public organizations (does that even fit on a business card?), had this to say about the iPad while talking to CIO Australia recently:

An iPad with a keyboard, a mouse and a case [means] you’ll be at $1500 or $1600; that’s double of what you’re paying. That’s not feasible.

Lucky the words knowledgeable or ‘math whiz’ didn’t make it into that long job title of his. Small point for Mr. Lark to note: there is no such thing as a mouse for an iPad. Spending on one would be almost as dumb as Lark’s math. For how dumb that is, I’ll defer to my friend Joshua at Macgasm:

We know, addition is hard.

All prices in USD

  • iPad = $499
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard = $69.00
  • iPad Dock = $29.00
  • iPad Smart Cover = $69.00
  • Grand Total = $666.00

I guess if Lark could actually do math or notice small details like the industry’s runaway leader in the tablet market not being mouse-driven, they might up his title to head of marketing in this galaxy for humungous enterprises.

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3 thoughts on “If You’re Going to Trash-talk About Numbers, Shouldn’t You Be Able to Count?”

  1. LOL!!! I am snickering away about an iPad with a mouse.

    Maybe the $1500, $1600 pricetag was because he wanted one of those cases covered with swarovski crystals, $475 apiece. Oh wait, that still only gets you to less than $1100. If you get the 64 GB 3G one, you get to $1422. Hmm. Still not $1500, though close. An Yves St Laurent case for $595 could get you into the right ballpark.

    Guess this guy has pretty expensive tastes, but then as GLOBAL head of marketing for LARGE enterprises what else would you expect?

    1. Yeah – iPad with a mouse is pretty good comedy. He should probably hire a Deputy Head of Global Ginormous Marketing – just to crunch some of these complex numbers for him, and maybe throw in a little bit of fact checking. :)

  2. Hey, what’s so funny? When I run my RemotePC app and open my desktop screen on my iPad, I can run my iPad with my mouse. Totally unnecessary though, but at least I didn’t have to buy a $900 iPad mouse from Dell. :)

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