iOS 12.2 Beta Gives Up All Kinds of New Goodies

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You know all those rumors of new AirPods 2, iPod Touches and new iPads? Looks they were all right on the money. The new developer beta for iOS 12.2 has information on all of these different devices scattered around inside of it. And as recent history has proven, information found in iOS betas is about as good a confirmation of what is coming as you can get.

AirPods 2

The new 12.2 beta has a setup screen related to setting up Hey Siri for the AirPods. Since we know that this feature wasn’t available on the first gen version of Apple’s wireless buds, this is solid confirmation that the new version is coming soon.

While it isn’t any mystery that an updated version of the AirPods is in the works, there have been several rumor flare-ups over the last year that went unfulfilled. However, if this is in the current beta, then the new AirPods are likely coming along with the release of 12.2. Considering that the iOS 13 beta track will be starting this Summer after WWDC, we know that 12.2 should be released well ahead of that. That gives me renewed hope that the AirPods 2 will be coming sooner, rather than later.

iPod Touch

iOS betas have been really generous with details about coming hardware over the last two years. Looks like 12.2 has given up the goods again. I was a little skeptical about the rumors of a new iPod Touch earlier this week, but 12.2 has has an unmistakable reference to a new iPod. Well, there isn’t anything else that could be than an iPod Touch, at this point. Thanks to well-known dev and beta goodie leaker Steve Troughton-Smith, now we know:

While the internals of the iPod Touch will undoubtedly get a revamp, the 12.2 beta reveals that Apple won’t push the envelop further than that. There is no reference to TouchID or Face ID, so this is likely to remain a low-cost device. There were some rumors of Face ID being added, but that would likely just drive the price up unnecessarily.


The new 10″ iPad and new iPad Mini 5 are likely included in the 12.2 beta, as well. There are four more new iPad referenced, which should be the WiFi and Cellular models of each. Considering that new iPads also just showed up in the reliable Eurasian Economic Commission database, as well, they should be hitting the market very soon.

I’ve been off the iOS developer beta track for a while now, but this news has gotten me interested in picking it back up. If nothing else, keeping up with the progress will give me some insight into when this new hardware will start showing up. If typical beta development is any indication, we should have all of these new goodies before the middle of Spring. Hopefully, the AirPods 2 will be first up!

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