iPad Losing Market Share to Rivals with Make-Believe Numbers

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Q$ 2012 Tablets Market Share

According to the latest figures from IDC, the iPad is still the leader in the tablets market, but its market share is falling for the second quarter in a row. Their numbers for the final quarter of 2012 show the tablet market overall growing very nicely, with 52.5 million units shipped – growth of 75% over the previous year.

iPad still holds the biggest market share at 43.6% – but the loss of market share is attributed mostly to two rivals: Samsung who are #2 on the chart with 15.1% market share, and Amazon with 11.5%. The thing is though, the iPad share is based on Apple’s actual reported *sales* of 22.9 million iPads during the quarter. Samsung reports only shipment numbers, which may differ significantly from actual sales. Amazon reports no sales numbers at all – they just come out with statements about how great sales have been for their devices on Amazon and how they’ve set new records.

I’m no brain surgeon, but I’ve got a quick strategic suggestion for Tim Cook and Apple if they want to increase their market share lead again: don’t report any actual, real numbers anymore. Just say “Gosh, we sure sold a whole bunch of iPads last quarter.”

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One thought on “iPad Losing Market Share to Rivals with Make-Believe Numbers”

  1. 263% and 402% are pretty impressive I’d say. Looks like Apple will continue to lose market share. Keep your blinders on.

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