iPad Still Dominates in Latest Tablet Web Usage Report

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North American Tablet Web Usage

The latest report on tablets and web usage shows the iPad still holds a dominant position. The report from the Chitika online ad network looks at web usage on leading tablet devices during early January of this year – and looks to answer this question:

With the glut of new devices now in the hands of consumers – which tablet manufacturers are seeing their devices used more frequently by their new owners?

And the answer is the same as it always has been – Apple. The iPad continues to have a larger share than all the other ‘leading’ tablets combined. Although the iPad dropped slightly in comparison to this time last year, it still weighs in with a little over 78% share.

Amazon comes in a distant second place with 7.7%, so around one tenth the share of the iPad. Samsung is next with a little under 7%, and no other manufacturer even hits the 2% mark.

Microsoft, despite their no-stop barrage of ‘real work’ themed ads bashing the iPad, is barely a blip on the chart at 1.7%.

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