Latest Enterprise Mobility Report: iPad Dominates, Microsoft Surface Invisible

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Enterprise Tablet Activations

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. The chart above is a great example of that. The thousand words it reminds me of are all the ones used in all those Microsoft TV ads for the Surface tablet that seem to be on every 10 minutes. The ones that always feature an actor blabbing about how the iPad is not for ‘real work’ and how the Surface is the right tablet for anyone who needs to do ‘real work’.

The chart above is from the Good Technology Mobility Index Report for Q4 2013. This tracks the impact of mobile apps and platforms in the enterprise – an area where people have been know to do quite a bit of real work. The iPad is the runaway leader, with over 91% of activations. Android tablets come in second, with under 10%.

The other thing that jumps off the page on the chart: where’s the tablet that’s so perfect for real work? Nowhere. Zero percent. Not even on the chart.

Here’s another of the charts in the report, this one showing activations by type of device:

Mobile Device Activations

iPad leads by a long way among tablet devices – and iPhone takes the biggest chunk overall. And the words ‘Windows Tablet’ don’t appear at all.

One final indicator on how badly Microsoft has missed the boat in the mobile arena is the chart for device activations overall – where Windows Phone ‘remained steady’ at a miserable 1%.

Platform Activations

Here are a few more notable highlights from Good’s report:

Total enterprise app activations grew 54 percent quarter over quarter, up from a 43 percent growth rate from Q2 to Q3 2013. The continued momentum around enterprise app growth is a testament to organizations recognizing the power of mobile applications as a collaboration and productivity tool.

Top three tablet apps activated. Document editing, custom apps and file access made up 86 percent of the total enterprise apps activated on the tablet form factor in Q4.

Financial Services continues to lead by a large margin in total iPad activations, recording over 46 percent of total tablet activations in Q4. This is likely attributed to the many use cases for the tablet form factor in this particular sector.

To see lots more detail on the numbers, here’s the link for the latest Good Technology Mobility Index Report.

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