Latest iPad TV Ad – All on iPad

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Last night Apple started airing their latest US TV ad for the new iPad. This one is titled ‘All on iPad’ and follows the same sort of theme as previous ads for the 3rd-gen iPad – highlighting how everything is more beautiful on the iPad’s retina display.

I saw this new ad a couple times last night while watching the Olympics. It shows off a range of things you can do on the iPad – from reading and tweeting to being productive and making a sale. There’s a great shot of the fantastic Keynote app shown when being productive is mentioned.

The closing line for the ad is:

Do it all more beautifully, with the retina display – on iPad.

I’m still a big fan of these iPad ads – as they’re still very simple and let the iPad and iPad apps do all the talking. How about you guys and gals? What do you think of the latest iPad TV ad?

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2 thoughts on “Latest iPad TV Ad – All on iPad”

  1. Could someone tell me the name of the last aplication shown in the add?
    Where the picture are combined in different squares.

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