Mockup of Rumored Bigger iPad Pro in Size Comparison Video

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Rumors about a larger, 12 to 13 inch iPad have been around for ages, and seem to have gained ground over recent months. They already feel like they’ve moved into the ‘I’d bet on that’ category of Apple rumors. So this new video from YouTube user Canoopsy showing a mockup of the rumored iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus is interesting, as it offers a quick look at how the bigger iPad’s size would compare to some current Apple devices.

Most notably, the iPad Pro / Air Plus would be not far off a MacBook Air’s size, at least in width and height – and considerably bigger than the iPad Air.

The latest rumors suggest the release time for this larger iPad would be in the April to June timeframe next year. It’s touted to have either a 12.2 or 12.9 inch display, and possibly a new A9 processor chip.

I imagine we’ll be hearing a lot more about this larger iPad early next year.

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