My #1 Reason For Wanting A Next-Gen iPad: More Than 1GB Of RAM

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iPad Air RAM

As Patrick mentioned, Apple’s upcoming iPad event will very very likely feature some new iPads to unleash on our unsuspecting wallets (Oh, who am I kidding, our wallets totally expect them). I haven’t even had my iPad Air for a full year but already my sense of Consumer Disgust is acting up. You know what I mean: that creeping feeling that makes you want to stop eating Sandwich 1.0 the moment that Baguette 2.0 is announced.

In this case, the #1 feature that could get me to upgrade to a next-gen iPad is something that Apple won’t even talk about on the stage: RAM. I just want more than 1GB, which is what we’ve had since the iPad 3. What RAMifications will this have on the iPad experience? It would absolutely improve the experience of browsing within Safari, allowing it to hold more tabs open at once without having to refresh them. The iPad is supposed to be this incredible browsing machine that chews up the Internet and spits it out, but what often happens is that the iPad loses its place after the first five tabs. I’ll surf for a little while, switch apps to reply to a message in Hangouts, and then return to Safari only to have the webpage reload right in front of me.

Put another way: it would feel strange to return to my desktop browser after doing some work in Excel and find half of my tabs refreshing themselves. We expect a sense of consistency when using a PC or Mac. Let’s hope this is the year that becomes true of the tablet as well.

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