Need to Store Your iPad for 6 Months or More? Apple Has a Guide for That

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iPad Storage Guidelines

I often find it interesting to see the sort of support docs Apple pushes out for their mobile devices (I know, I may need to get a life.) Here’s an example of one I had never really given any though to – iPad Long-term storage guidelines.

Apple just updated a support doc on this subject a little earlier this month. So … if you have a need to store away your iPad for 6 months or more, here’s the advice from Apple:

Before you place your iPad in long-term storage:

  • Charge your iPad battery to about 50 percent.
  • Turn your iPad off to avoid additional battery use.

Store your iPad in a cool, moisture-free environment that is less than 30° C (90° F). See the chart below for the maximum time you can store an iPad without recharging:

The maximum time that an iPad can be stored without charging is listed as 6 months for the iPad mini and 1 year for the iPad (with 9.7 inch display).

The article notes that you may find your iPad to be in a low-battery state when you take it out of long-term storage and it may require up to 20 minutes of charging with its original charger before it can be used.

I can’t think of an occasion where I’d even need to ‘store’ an iPad for 6 days – but I suppose it could prove useful for those who are saving an original iPad or similar as a sort of collector piece.

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