New iPad Pro With Face ID All But Confirmed in Latest iOS 12 Beta

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Photo Source: Steve Troughton-Smith

There have been rumors of a new redesigned iPad Pro with TrueDepth Camera and Face ID, no Home Button, and reduced bezels since the end of last year. Now, courtesy of noted Apple developer Steve Troughton-Smith, we have some real evidence that this device is more than just a rumor.

AvatarKit, the software framework behind Animoji and now Mimoji, has been included in the iPad version of the latest iOS 12 Beta. Previously, AvatarKit was restricted to the iPhone version, and Mr Houghton-Smith was kind enough to share this with us. While it isn’t operational yet, as it requires a TrueDepth camera to function, its existence points to testing related to coming hardware. And in case you doubt the validity of this find, just look back to last year, when developers such as Troughton-Smith picking apart iOS firmware revealed many of the details of the iPhone X before launch, all the way down to the infamous Notch.

There are still plenty of questions as to how this new iPad Pro will work with Face ID. The iPhone X’s limitation of Face ID only in portrait orientation wasn’t a major limitation because that is how people most often hold and use their phones. The iPad is an entirely different device with different use cases. For someone like myself, who keeps their iPad Pro in a keyboard case most of the time, this same limitation would be highly inconvenient. It remains to be seen how Apple will handle this, or if TrueDepth has come far enough to handle the iPad being held at different orientations and angles. Details aside, with so little lately on the rumor front, it is still good to get a little assurance that these devices are on the way.

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