Recommended: Gary Arndt’s Article on a Year Traveling with the iPad

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To say that Gary Arndt is an intrepid traveler would be a massive understatement. Arndt, who runs the Everything Everywhere site, has been traveling the globe for over four years, has visited over 100 countries in that time, and has been documenting his incredible array of experiences in photos and blog posts.

He recently contacted me to let me know he’s been a reader of this site since the iPd launched (yay!) and that he’s done an extensive review of his 12 months of traveling with an iPad, offering his assessment of the iPad as a device to travel with.

It’s a very thorough and well written article. Here are a few of the sections that I found most interesting:

On the iPad and Photography:

I have to confess that the first thing I thought of when I heard the iPad announcement was that it would be a great way to showcase my photos. I was right. The size and the colors make it a great way to share my photos with people I meet while traveling.

As a camera, however, the iPad is horrible. Data from Flickr shows that despite the popularity of the iPad2, hardly anyone uses the back facing camera. Not only is the image quality poor, but holding a tablet in front of your face to take a photo is really awkward. I personally never use the front facing camera either, but I can see I use for it at least with video calls.

A Great Looking Tip for Photo Sharing

Tip: if you have a portfolio of images you want to show people, create a pdf file with the photos and then use the iBook reader to display the pdf. The images look great but you don’t have to worry about an internet connection and you can also add captions to the images.

I’m definitely going to try that one out soon.

On Books and Traveling Light:

No only has the iPad solved the problem of traveling with books, I now find myself reading more than I did before. eBooks are cheaper and easier to get than print books. I’m basically carrying an entire English language book store with me when I have my iPad.

Before I started traveling I had to pack up my life and put it in storage. By weight and volume, the majority of the stuff I owned was books, movies and music. We have reached a point where all of that can be condensed into a tiny space and carried with us wherever we go. Amazing.

On Content Creation and the Role of the iPad

As a blogger, much of what I do involves writing or photo editing. I do not do either of them on my iPad. It is fine for sending out tweets, replying to email or updating Facebook. I have never written a blog post nor have I edited a photo taken on my SLR with the iPad. I could do it, but it just wasn’t designed as a tool for content creation.

I disagree with Arndt a bit on this one. I think, depending on your type of work, the iPad can be quite capable of much more than just consumption and short social media engagement.

In any case, Arndt’s whole article is a great read. Check it out here:

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