Rumored Features for New iPads This Year & Next

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iPad Air

Over recent days I’ve started seeing early talk of new iPads expected this late this year and in early 2015. Apple Insider has a report up, citing an analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI) with a respectable track record on these sort of subjects, that talks about some expected features for new iPads that are now on the horizon.

The highlights so far, at least for the next-gen iPad Air, seem to be:

— A new A8 mobile processor

— A Touch ID sensor as the new iPhone 5s has

— An 8 megapixel rear-facing camera

Presumably the Retina iPad mini should get the same. The KGI analyst also expects a larger, 12.9 inch, iPad early next year – for a ‘richer entertainment and productivity experience’.

Hopefully in coming months we’ll hear of more new features for new iPads this year. The short list above would not make for a major upgrade on the face of it. As ever, more RAM is my biggest wish list item for the next generation of iPad – it is an area where by now the iPad is notably weak, particularly in comparison to rival tablets.

It looks like Apple is clustering their releases in Q3 and Q4 again this year – with new iPhones, iPads, and possibly / probably a new ‘iWatch’ all predicted to be launched between September to December. I wish they would go back to spreading out their major releases more, as they used to prior to 2013. With an iPhone, iPad, and iWatch release all packed so close to each other, it feels like each product is likely cannibalizing a little of the sales of the other two. I’d be happy to see the iPad release cycle moved back to the first / second quarter of the year – so there’s plenty of space between iPad and iPhone releases again.

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