Shocker: iPad Falls Behind Android in Make-Believe Market Share

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IDC Tablet Market Share Q1 2013

According to preliminary data from IDC’s latest report on worldwide tablet market share, their Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, Apple is easily the biggest single vendor but iPad has fallen behind Android in market share.

But that’s make-believe market share of course. Like Easter Bunny market share but with less colorful charts. The iPad market share of 39.6% is based on actual officially reported sales numbers of 19.5 million iPads last quarter. The market share numbers for Android are based on numbers of ‘shipments’ reported by various vendors.

The thing is, those shipment numbers include shipments to distribution channels, not actual sales. Here’s another way of looking at the numbers in the chart above:

Apple: actual sales numbers

Samsung: shipments – just like the million shipments they reported for their first Galaxy Tab tablet, that turned out to be around 800,000 more than they actually sold.

ASUS: number based largely on sales of the Google Nexus 7. No sales numbers have been reported for that device.

Amazon: Amazon has never reported *any* sales numbers for their tablet devices

Microsoft: Microsoft have never announced any sales numbers for their Surface tablets.

That’s one hell of a level playing field.

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