Signs That You’re a Heavy iPad User – When Your Labrador Recognizes the Sleep Click

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My big Labrador, Baz, is a pretty smart guy. Like most dogs, he appreciates routine – and gets a little excited when he knows it is time for meals, a good walk or a play session. He has an incredibly accurate body-clock and knows when to start bugging me if I fall a little behind on the dinner schedule.

Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed a new trick in his timekeeping and awareness. Most every morning, I grab my iPad 2 as soon as I’m sort of conscious and go through my email and check out news from various sources – before I ever get up on my feet. Generally when I close the iPad 2 smart cover, it means I’m getting up. Which for Baz means, it’s breakfast time and time for a long walk.

The result is that now whenever Baz hears the click of the iPad 2 going into sleep mode in the morning, he’s on his feet, bouncing around in excited and happy circles, nudging against me with his big schnoz, staring at me intently, and generally letting me know that I better not even think of doing anything else other than getting him some food.

I guess the takeaway from all this either that I’m way too predictable and need to vary up my mornings a little or that Labradors are smarter than iPad smart covers, or a little of both. Smile

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10 thoughts on “Signs That You’re a Heavy iPad User – When Your Labrador Recognizes the Sleep Click”

    1. Thanks. He’s not quite a pup anymore – three years old – but he is a handsome devil. :)

    1. Cool. That’s awesome that at 15+ she’s still got big energy.

      We have a neighbor with a chocolate Lab puppy that’s growing incredibly quickly and my daughter is crazy about it.

  1. My dog (aussie/golden) somehow knows the difference between temporarily leaving the room and coming back (he ignores it) to when I’m leaving the room to go somewhere else. Haven’t figured out my “tells” yet, but he has…

    1. Oh yeah – I know that feeling. I’ve tried to eliminate and disguise all of my tells to no avail.

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